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Versione completa: [DSTWO] TempGBA v1.44
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Nebuleon rilscia una nuova versione di TempGBA, emulatore del GBA esclusivo per la Supercard DS TWO.
Attualmente è il miglior emulatore GBA per il DS e si sta migliorando pian piano.

Mettete i file tempgba.plg, tempgba.bmp e tempgba.ini nella cartella _dstwoplug. Mentre la cartella TEMPGBA va messa nel root ed al suo interno va inserito il BIOS del GBA, che per motivi legali non è presente nell'archivio, perciò non chiedete dove scaricarlo.

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* ARG support for loading the emulator using a file browser's associations. Thanks, BassAceGold!
* 16 saved state slots are available, and you can overwrite any state. You can also see the screenshot of a state you're about to overwrite or delete!
* Writes a .sav file to storage 10 frames (1/6 of a second) after it's done being written to the emulated GBA's save area (since beta 8).
* Button remapping is available globally and per-game for GBA buttons Start, Select, L and R. NDSGBA 1.30 has remapping per-game for A, B, rapid A and rapid B.
* Hotkeys! A rewind hotkey, L+Y, is user-definable globally and per game; there are also hotkeys to go to the main menu (since beta 4), to fast-forward, to mute (since beta 7) and to quickly load and save state #1 (since beta 8).
* CPU speeds imported from CATSFC. 360 MHz is selected by default.
* FPS counter! Now you can see how many frames you get per second (since beta 8)! Yay!
* Lower screen gaming and booting from the GBA logo (since 1.41).
* Cheat support may have deteriorated (as of beta 1).
* Incorporate a fix for filesystem corruption by BassAceGold. Handles Short File Names (SFN) and Long File Names (LFN) more correctly and prevents duplicate aliases (two files named MARIO~01.RTS, for example) (since beta 14).

Game compatibility
* Patched Classic NES/Famicom Mini games may work.
* Doom, Doom II, Duke Nukem Advance, Golden Sun, Golden Sun 2, Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Mario Tennis: Power Tour run with much more framerate (in beta 12, beta 14, and 1.41 memory-access-3).
* Golden Sun 2 and Tales of Phantasia don't return oddly to the EOS Menu anymore (as of beta 12).
* game_config.txt support has been restored! This improves game compatibility and is required by some 128 KiB-save games to correctly save.
* game_config.txt translation gate support has been dropped (as of 1.41 memory-access-3). However, improvements in the recompiler made them unnecessary.

Emulator menu
* The 8 languages of CATSFC are in TempGBA. Some messages are still in English.
* All interfaces have 8 rows instead of 6.
* The rewind option was "Rewind enable" and "Rewind period". It is now only one option.
* The frame skipping option was "Frame skip type" and "Frame skip value". It is now only one option.
* The menu recognises button presses and releases more consistently, including rapid presses of the same key (since beta 6). Auto-repeating is set to fire 20 times per second so you can browse long lists more easily.

DS functionality
* The menu has touch screen support. Thanks for the CATSFC improvement, ShadauxCat!
* Close the lid of your DS and it shall sleep if it's in the menu (as of alpha 2) or emulating (as of beta 8).

* A core issue with the GBA sound is fixed by issuing sound at 88200 Hz and resampling it to 44100 Hz (since alpha 7, changed in betas 3-5). This fixes the sound in some GBA Video cartridges and Golden Sun - The Lost Age.
* Sound crackles/bubbles less in slower games (improved variously in alphas 3-7).
* Fast-forwarding can have sound (since alpha 2), and it is dampened to prevent loud pops (since beta 11); in NDSGBA it could not. You can mute it.

* The default skin, icon set and font are that of CATSFC, with a prettier GBA icon for game files and a GBA controller loading screen.
* The text colors are now loaded in TEMPGBA/SYSTEM/GUI/uicolors.txt for theming (since 1.41).
* A useful, Engrish-free README file is included.
* Fewer writes to settings files. Settings files are rewritten only once you exit a submenu, and only if you've changed a setting in that submenu. If you don't change settings from their defaults for a game, the game can now have no settings file at all. This also uses up fewer erase cycles on storage cards
* It has become impossible to set certain gpSP options by hex-editing ndsgba.cfg (since alpha 3).

Ah finalmente ve ne siete accorti......
L'ho segnalato più di un mese fa lo sviluppo di questo emulatore.
Comunque attualmente, da quello che ho capito, il progetto si è momentaneamente fermato alla versione 1.44, perchè l'autore per ora non può più dedicargli tempo, ma già con quest'ultima versione è un emulatore che è avanti anni luce rispetto a quello del team supercard.
Beh, qualcosa ci può sempre sfuggire biggrin.gif
Comunque per le segnalazioni è bene usare i PM.
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