Patrik Rak rilscia una nuova versione di ZXDS, emulatore dello ZX Spectrum per Nintendo DS.

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ZXDS 0.9.9 beta 2 (24.4.2012)

* The paused time is now not counted towards the current file times.
* The sleep time is now not counted towards any times but sleep time.
* Fixed the stats date display.

ZXDS 0.9.9 beta 1 (23.4.2012)

+ Kempston mouse emulation, including dual mouse in multiplayer.
See docs/mouse.txt for more detailed info.
+ Tape deck now supports tape recording and tape block deletion.
TAP and TZX tapes can record standard blocks, PZX anything.
The recorded tapes can be then saved in save requester like other files.
+ Track statistics about overall usage as well as games and apps launched.
The statistics are additionally automatically saved every minute by default.
If your card is too slow to deal with this and you keep noticing slowdowns,
you can increase stats_write_timeout or set it to 0 to disable the autosave.
You can also remove the ZXDS/stats directory to disable statistics entirely.
+ Builtin viewer for viewing both text and binary files.
* The World of Spectrum online server listings now include text instructions.
* The emulation speed can be slowed up to 8 times.
* The data dump view now allows poking whole 2byte words at once.
* More thorough DLDI startup to work around misbehaving drivers.
* Fixed loading of files from the root directory.
* Fixed playback of RZXs containing multiple snapshots.
* Properly mark SCL disks as such when saving SZX.
* Few minor enhancements (improved PZX fast loading, AY register masks).
* Other subtle changes (file type recognition, avoid snapshot single step).
* Minor bugfixes (delayed IME handling, proper user settings slot).
! Happy birthday, Speccy.