huiminghao e minitroopa hanno rilasciato un aggiornamento per nesDS, noto emulatore NES per Nintendo DS, portandolo alla versione 0.53a. Particolarmente interessante la nuova funzionalitą che permette di caricare patches in formato .ips.

  • IPS supported. First, load a .ips file, then load the rom to start a patched game.
  • The rom file won't be changed. The ips file should be smaller than 512kB.
  • Barcode supported. Click Menu>Game>Extra>Barcode
  • Gesture supported. Click Menu>Config>Short-Cuts to configure. When the menu is hidden or the LIGHTGUN is enabled, you can touch the sub-screen to draw a gesture.
  • Mapper245 added.
  • Mapper16 updated.
  • Raw PCM updated.
  • 'SP-Pertile' updated. E.g. The issue with Super Mario 3 is fixed.
  • Some others...