Dirbaio aggiorna alla versione Final il suo platform/puzzle per DS: Fireworlds. Nell'archivio sarÓ presente un file .jar (per aprirlo quindi si dovrÓ installare una JRE) , Ŕ l'editor di livelli, istruzioni su come usarlo in spoiler:
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- Open the editor with java.
-Editor controls:
- Left click to place, Right click to erase
-1,2,3,... to select blocks. For water and lava top, the first two vertexs define the "top" side. Draw water vertexs CLOCKWISE. You can't draw objects bigger than 256x256.-
- q,w,e... to select actors.
- z,x,c,v to select actor data. Actor data is ONLY used by gravity actor and switch actor
- Gravity actor: 0 = normal (default), 1 = inwards, 2 = outwards, 3,4 = sideways
- Switch actor: 0 = toggles Portal 1, 1 = toggles Portal 2, 2 = Gravity switch (Only works with normal gravity)
- A to save
- S to Save As
- D to open
- F to erase level
- H to edit help text (Use ';' to change line)

-Added lots of levels
-Fixed lots of bugs
-Finished the game.