Patrick Aalto, autore dell'emulatore DOS DSx86, ha rilasciato un update di DS2x86, versione esclusiva per SuperCard DSTWO!
Nell'archivio dovreste trovare giÓ tutto il necessario per far funzionare l'emulatore.


This version has the following improvements:
- Implemented screen scaling for all common graphics modes.
- Fixed the DOS and BIOS date/time functions to return proper Real Time Clock values. This might fix some hanging games.
- Fixed EGA Read Mode 1 handling (fixes EGATrek graphical issues)
- Fixed EGA Read Mask initial value (fixes Ultima V hanging)
- Added a warning message for games that need a Floating Point Unit.
- Screen copies are saved to incrementally numbered files SCR00.BMP..SCR99.BMP.