Azenris dopo svariati mesi, rilascia una nuova versione per questo nuovo ma semplice puzzle game per DS, dove dovrete raccogliere frutti per andare avanti negli stage: e ricordate, i meloni danno piu' punti!
Inoltre durante il gioco ci saranno da risolvere alcuni puzzle.
Il gioco ha cambiato nome, prima si chiamava Krexblibos.

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  • Game rewritten using the 3D engine, which gives much cleaner menus, variable width text and allows for more sprites/special effects
  • Ability to save and play replays of your games
  • Ability to adjust sound/music levels
  • Ability to change background colours
  • Smooth movement (the movement stuttered in an earlier version)
  • Enemies given onscreen health/mana/misc bars
  • Added special effects
  • Now almost 400 items
  • Equipment and charms to increase your stats
  • Ability to enchant equipment to create even better items
  • 56 Attributes, from simple things like HP, AR to abilities like 'Rebirth' and 'Bomb Expert'
  • Multiple types of weapons such as Mines, bombs, swords, guns etc.
  • More enemies added from mine/bomb layers to tough creatures you need to summon yourself
  • Enemies given spells
  • Elements added into game, fire/ice/electric/poison and normal damage
  • Lots of recipes added
  • More medals added
  • New playable char 'Dip' added (starts locked)
  • Perks, allowing you to further personalise your character