Patrick Aalto, autore dell'emulatore DOS DSx86, ha rilasciato un update di DS2x86, versione esclusiva per SuperCard DSTWO!
Nell'archivio dovreste trovare giÓ tutto il necessario per far funzionare l'emulatore.

This version has the following improvements:
- Blinking cursor in text modes (finally!).
- HIMEM.SYS emulation added, allows Chaos Engine to run.
- Fixed a serious total crash problem in 32-bit string opcodes.
- Fixed a stack alignment problem that could cause "Exception 4" BSOD errors.
- Improved BSOD reporting, now includes a stack trace.
- Improved horizontal blank reporting, this might solve hanging problems
in some games.
- Improved Mode-X graphics blitting code to handle wrap-around properly.
- Changed the screen refresh interrupt interval from 60Hz to 59Hz. This
might help with the intermittent "stuck key" problem in some games.
- Direct file read to EGA memory is now supported (f.ex. in "Heimdall").
- Implemented a number of previously missing opcodes.