Steven De Toni rilascia Magnetron, gioco Arcade che riprende i due classici Robotron e Llamatron, in cui il nostro scopo sopravvire per 30 livelli ad orde di nemici.
Il gioco disponibile anche per PC ed Xbox.

Parole dell'autore:
Game play:
Shoot enemy nastys, collect friends R,G,B and get a short power shot. Collect other
power ups for more abilities. Clear enemys of each stage 42 times and your done.
Movement is via joy pad, shoot in 1 of eight directions using x,y,a,b keys. Master
the ability to move and shoot in various directions at the same time if you are to survive more than a
few levels. Move quickly, think fast, and calculate the risk on retrieving that power up or free life, a
moments distraction means death!

Version 1.5 Update:
* Added rom loading search feature so Magnetron can exist in any directory on R4 chip.
* Optmised custom blitter sprite routine for a minor speed up for particle effects.
* Add continue game from last best game level (no continues though).
* Fixed very minor graphical issues.
* Replace pause screen with Exit Game when pressing start/select buttons.