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Versione completa: [DSTWO] BAGPlug Release 2-9
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BassAceGold rilascia la seconda versione (revisione 9) di BAGPlug, nuovo plugin per la DSTWO.
Il suddetto plugin una sorta di miniOS, in grado di riprodurre musica (.ogg e .wav), visualizzare immagini e quant'altro.
E' possibile lanciare applicazioni .nds e altri plugin per la DSTWO, ma NON possibile lanciare giochi commerciali.

Per quanto riguarda l'installazione mettete la cartella _bagui nella root della vostra MiniSD e copiate i file DSTwo.nds e boot.ini nella cartella _dstwo.

Il changelog assai corposo, allego quello della versione 2 e delle ultime 4 revisioni uscite a poche ore di distanza:
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Release 2 - 9:
-fixed file sorting on root skipping an item
-can toggle whether to hide favorited items in the browser or not. Directory display does not get updated until re-entry
if a new file is added to your favorites (This is not a bug, it prevents lag in folders with lots of files).
-custom icons can either be png or bitmap files and do not need a .ico extension anymore
-improved stylus controls in the settings and open with menus
-added EOS Settings for roms, (press select on a commercial rom or Y in favorites). This lets you switch between clean/patch mode, turn cheats on/off and select one of the multi saves.

Release 2 - 8:
-AM/PM is no longer displayed on 24 hour clock
-no longer tries to open last folder if that folder doesn't exist
-added ability to preview skins - press Y when highlighting a skin the the settings menu ->new section in skin.ini
-enterLastDirWhenBoot in the globalsettings.ini is now set to 1 when launching a rom, auto run in the DSTwo menu requires it set to 1.
-fixed some icon mix ups in the browser

Release 2 - 7:
-added extlink support
-improved internal DS name displaying
-removed the show all files option in settings
-removed hide folders setting in favor of using hiddenfolders.txt
-fixed a memory leak in the favorites menu
-tweaked favorites menu loading
-added hiddenfiles.txt support
-fixed an error in extensions handling in the browser

Release 2 - 6:
-added ability to create a list of hidden folders using "hiddenfolders.txt" in the /_bagui/ folder. One folder is listed per line with no ending '/'. eg. to hide the "_bagui" folder -> /_bagui
-fixed issue with back paging through a directory and icons not loading properly
-fixed issue where DSGAME would display a blank name when using internal nds file names
-can now set the favorites menu to auto show on boot
-can now set an audio file to play on boot (press select on an audio file)

Revisione 8. =P
Revisione 9...
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