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Versione completa: [DSTWO] BAGPlug release 1
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BassAceGold rilascia la prima versione di BAGPlug, nuovo plugin per la DSTWO.
Il suddetto plugin è una sorta di miniOS, in grado di riprodurre musica (.ogg e .wav), visualizzare immagini e quant'altro.
E' possibile lanciare applicazioni .nds e altri plugin per la DSTWO, ma NON è possibile lanciare giochi commerciali.

Per quanto riguarda l'installazione mettete la cartella _bagui nella root della vostra MiniSD e copiate i file DSTwo.nds e boot.ini nella cartella _dstwo.

Parole dell'autore:
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Skinning support:
-png files, 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit bitmap files
--NOTE: backgrounds must be 16 or 24 bit bmp so fast rendering can be used for a smoother browser
-Windows and sub windows are just color codes defined via the skin.ini file
-these color values are 16 bit colors, the included ColorConvert.exe program can be used for converting 24 bit R G B color values to 16 bit color vales (PA_RGB in the program)

Custom icons:
-uses 32 x 32 bitmap files
-must be named the same as the file with a .ico extention in the same directory eg:
--BAGSFC.plg - the file you want to have a custom icon
--BAGSFC.ico - the icon file
-no ini files needed!

plays ogg and wav files in a basic media player:
-if a song is selected to play, all other songs in the same directory are qued up for sequential playing
-music player can be backgrounded to allow for music listening while file browsing
-music player includes a simple visualizer

Settings menu:
-allows to instantly swap skins with no rebooting
-can toggle hidden folders or not
--hidden folders are defined by the first character in the folder name. folder_hide_val in the settings.ini can be changed to reflect which character to use. Default is the underscore ( _ ) character to denote hidden folders
-can toggle all file types to be shown, however icons will need to be created for them

Unique file type support:
-NDS homebrew and supercard plugins can be launched
-New file type support can be added with the use of an arg file in the /_bagui/ext/ folder
--these files contain instructions for which program to use and what args to pass on to the files for the specified file type
--as new arg files are added to "/_bagui/ext/", the file browser automatically recognizes it as a valid file type and will be shown in the browser (if show all files in the settings if off)

-File formats can be set to open in multiple different programs
--eg: a zip file can contain a snes rom or a gba rom, a pop up will come up and ask which program to launch said file in. This program list can be edited in the arg files for the specified file type

Favorites menu:
-Any supported file type can be linked in this menu (snes roms, zip files, nds roms, image files, ogg and wav files, etc)
-Favorites list is just a text file containing file paths to all the files you want to save for quick launching

Commercial Roms:
-Commercial roms are not supported, however if one is attempted to be launched, a notice will pop up asking if you would like to boot the supercard firmware

-All menus support stylus input, button input is supported in the most used menus, but not all. This will change in newer releases
-if L and R buttons are pressed, you can take a screenshot of the both screens

Planned features:
-basic copy, cut and paste for file management
-Top screen features

Dragon Chan
davvero molto utile, vista la diffusione dei file .ogg e le dimensioni dei files .wav ...

CITAZIONE (Dragon Chan @ Monday 28 February 2011 - 19:11) *
davvero molto utile, vista la diffusione dei file .ogg e le dimensioni dei files .wav ...


...Effettivamente è la prima cosa a cui ho pensato anche io... a mio modesto parere... è un plug-in dalla vaga utilità... Meglio usare iPlayer
Però abbiamo trovato un degno avversario del DSoS xD
E' uscita la Release 2, ecco qui il link per il download
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-increase max files per folder to 1024 and max folders to 64
-fixed a memory leak in skin listing
-fixed menu icons updating on skin changes
-improved file icon handling, common icons are now cached when loaded
-added page scrolling in main browser using left and right on the d-pad
-fixed png support for graphics
-added the option change cpu settings for various menu portions
-improved windowing
-stylus & pad support for all menus
-fixed media player freeze when launching audio from root directory
-added cut, copy, paste actions to filebrowser
-can now add and remove favorites
-changed background music controls (L and R now change tracks)
-added mp3 support to media player
-added ability to have a background for the favorites menu
-added scrolling to the favorites menu
-added ability to enable or disable short names in the favorites menu
-media player is now fully customizable
-added commercial rom support via EOS 1.11
-CATSFC has been added as an alternative choice for snes games
-much faster file sorting
-custom icons can be set to be loaded from a folder on a per skin basis
-can now hide or display file extensions
-fixed various issues with windows and flickering
-added top screen background
-added cover art display on top screen
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