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Versione completa: Twin Isles (release 2)
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Scott Graham rilascia Twin Isles, gioco strategico molto simile a Civilization.

Parole dell'autore:
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There's a few single player modes:
- Free Play: Open-ended mode where you're just trying to keep your people
happy and grow your population.
- Scenarios: Short little "missions" where you're trying to achieve a goal in
a certain amount of time (or some other condition).
- vs CPU: Make it to 100,000 people first, or destroy the other island to win.

If you have SRAM on your GBA cart you can optionally save a replay of the game
to the SRAM when you quit from the pause menu. Replays can be replayed from
the Single Player menu. Similarily, you can also save your game from the Pause
Menu and load from the Single Player menu later.

- Scenarios added
- Techtree balanced, new techs added, effects changed
- War, and Missile Launches
- CPU player to play against
- Pauses and turns off screen/sound on lid being closes/opened
- Save/Load game functionality

questa permette di salvare? se si tanto meglio, la precedente era caruccia!
CITAZIONE (kek300 @ Tuesday 9 November 2010 - 16:34) *
questa permette di salvare? se si tanto meglio, la precedente era caruccia!

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