ant512 rilascia una nuova versione del suo Woopsi, libreria per la creazione di interfacce grafiche.
Ancora niente per la versione 1.0, si sta facendo attendere pił del previsto. biggrin.gif

L'archivio contiene i sorgenti e la demo in formato [.nds]

- Fixes:
- Replaced clipping code in Gadget::clipRectToHierarchy() with call to new
Rect functions.
- PackedFont16::renderChar() aborts correctly if there is nothing to render
- Bitmap::getData(x, y) no longer declared inline (Lakedaemon).
- Renamed gunsuh15.bmp and gunsuhche15.bmp to gungsuh15.bmp and
gungsuhche15.bmp respectively.
- Deleted CourierMono as it was an exact duplicate of Courier.
- Converted most fonts to PackedFont1.
- Converted GlyphFont to PackedFont16 (manually altered class to force
- Removed Font and MonoFont classes (PackedFont classes are faster and more
- bmp2font upgraded to latest version - no longer creates gigantic arrays in
PackedFont1 fonts; removed support for Font and MonoFont classes.

- New Features:
- Added getPath() to FileRequester and FileListBox.
- Converted Rect struct to class.
- Added Gadget::getRelativeX() and getRelativeY().
- Replaced x, y, width and height members of Gadget class with a Rect.