Nuova release per POWDER!
Dedicato a tutti gli amanti della categoria Roguelike, Powder promette un gameplay ben collaudato, con un occhio di riguardo alla rigiocabilitÓ. L'autore, Jeff Lait, comunica che a differenza di molti altri roguelike, questo titolo non Ŕ un porting: il gioco nasce su GBA e successivamente Ŕ stato adattato per varie piattaforme, DS incluso. Per il download delle altre versioni potete fare riferimento al sito ufficiale del progetto.
Di seguito il corposo changelog.

* Help menus are no longer off by one. (Patrick Don't have one, Matt_S, Sam Spencer, Alex Marsh, Robert Barber, mattock)
* Remove potential crash when zapping wand of invisibility off map.
* Items are no longer revealed by hostiles searching.
* Status message "Searched" when you search to make it more clear you did something by searching.
* Correct lighting tests for giant mobs along with looser LOS requirements to see them.
* No longer crash if a rolling boulder kills the caster and then fills a hole.
* You can click-drag on display text to scroll it.
* Chris Lomaka's tiles have been updated with some nice new additional icons.
* Help menus are platform specific, so GBA users should no longer be taunted with stylus help, etc.
* The Akoi Meexx 10x10 and 12x12 tilesets are enabled in SDL builds. The 10x10 has had a round of manual smoothing applied to it.
* Status bar on iPhone now rotates and is hidden in landscape mode.
* iPhone now uses native keyboard controls.
* If you start the game in a room with only secret exits, you are explicitly told that there are secret exits to search for. (Eisel Mazard)