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Versione completa: MoonShell v2.10 Stable Audio Fix
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Il team Moonlight rilascia un piccolo aggiornamento per MoonShell, che migliora la qualità degli MP3.
La maggior parte potrebbe non notare differenze, ma la differenza c'è. smile.gif
Per installarlo basta sovrascrivere i vecchi file con quelli dell'archivio.

Changelog (tradotto con Google):
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This update package is package just for better sound quality. ROMEO2 update is not required when using the original sound so good.
The sound quality is like a better error. It is really subtle differences. But we should expect excessive.

How to update: MoonShellVer2.10stable MicroSD is installed please copy over.
Overwrite other files (such as skin files and configuration files) can take it all is.

How to check the version: In the file list, press the START button, the first line of the screen under "for child" has been updated correctly if it is written.

Application: 32768Hz to 44100Hz have effect only with 48000Hz. Almost all the mp3 files are in this one, and there is no effect at all music files. (22050Hz Originally okay)

Note: The rate of increase is much heavier sound like errors. And listen to music while you open the image, M4A/AAC/WMA to play heavier music, such as data, such as how it would be almost impossible. (Probably sounds 飛Bishi Makurimasu)
Also, changes may have gone to an ad hoc basis for it was scheduled in his unpublished. The touch panel screen saver is running, results are likely to truly bad people ....

If you're used to the child who often use earphones in particular Please update.
(But still cheap enough to equal the sound of MP3 players now, but I get, the more he assured me that hurt your ears listen to the sound I think as much as possible.)
If you listen to the original DS built-in speakers and we are not affected, it would not have to worry since away from the ear.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

I managed to get the DateTime so slow.
Splash.ani when there is no stopping the bug was fixed.
LPF/15kHz was added. (44kHz and 48kHz)
Added a dithering quantization error.
Add a noise gate.
You add the exact volume curve.
The file list screen saver is running, the touch panel of the same PhoneSwitch.
The vertically and horizontally music player R Button + Bass / Treble Equalizer adjustment added. (32768/44100/48000Hz only)

Si avranno di nuovo problemi con la FAT16? La mia flashcard è molto più veloce con quel formato, ma Moonshell si blocca.
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