ant512 rilascia una nuova versione del suo pseudo-sistema operativo dall'interfaccia simile a quella dell'AmigaOS.
L'autore sta cercando (tramite l'uso delle PALib) di creare un sistema a finestre da poter integrare facilmente negli homebrew DS, al fine di facilitare notevolmente la vita dei programmatori nella realizzazione di interfacce grafiche.

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- Fixes:
- Removed Gadget::unregisterChildrenFromVBL() declaration from gadget.h as the function does not exist.
- Graphics::dim() draws to correct dimensions.
- GraphicsPort::dim() clips properly.
- BitmapButton::getPreferredDimensions() returns the correct size.
- AnimButton::getPreferredDimensions() returns the correct size.
- Anim button animation continues playing correctly when clicked if disabled.
- ListBox::getPreferredDimensions() returns the correct size.
- ListBox::draw() clips more effectively.
- Removed getEditableData() bodge from bitmap classes; all interaction with bitmap data happens through bitmap methods.
- Moved IK bitmaps out of demo folder/NDS into animbutton test.
- ScrollingListBox::getPreferredDimensions() returns the correct size.
- SliderHorizontal and SliderVertical produce correct values when they are showing a range of values large enough for the grip to be artificially enlarged.
- Scrollbar buttons scroll by amount based on max/min values and height of slider rather than arbitrary value.
- Removed ScrollbarVertical and ScrollbarHorizontal setButtonScrollAmount().
- AnimButton animations pause when the button is disabled.
- DMA copying function uses DMA for RAM->VRAM copies.

- New Features:
- SDL framebuffer code merged into FrameBuffer class.
- Added label test.
- Added button test.
- Added DOS batch files to build examples and tests.
- Added grayScale() function to GraphicsUnclipped, Graphics and GraphicsPort.
- BitmapButton greys out when disabled.
- Added bitmapbutton test.
- Added drawBitmapGreyScale() function to GraphicsUnclipped, Graphics and GraphicsPort.
- AnimButton greys out when disabled.
- Added animbutton test.
- Added listbox test.
- ListBox greys out when disabled.
- Added scrollinglistbox test.