Prima demo per questo nuovo ma semplice puzzle game per DS dove dovrete raccogliere frutti per andare avanti negli stage: e ricordate, i meloni danno piu' punti!

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I decided to put a demo up if anyone wants to try it, its still buggy in areas and not much content, but I got some of the basics down. Ty for the help in the beginner forum.

Ive only tested it on M3 Simply hardware and emulators iDeaS & the free version of No$gba.
Idea of the game is to collect cherries, to progress on levels, melons give more points. and as I make more levels the idea will be to solve puzzles, to get to them.

Start: pause
Select: loose a life and restart the level (if you make a mistake)
d-pad: to move
a: to interact
b: special (not implemented yet)
x,y: just for debugging atm
L, R shoulder buttons skip levels

All the graphics suck I know but I made them myself. And I know there is no sound, i havnt even tried that yet.
Sorry if this is wrong place to post this, just wanted to show you what ive done since you kept helping me!