Ed ecco arrivare anche una nuova versione del client per F2A Ultra!
Le novitÓ introdotte sono:
  • now you can add games to the Flash Cart, without rewrite the entire cart from the beginning.
  • F2APowerWriteralso allow[s] user to delete number of games starting from the last game on the Flash Cart, or append a new game to the end of the last game on the Flash Cart, without having to re-write the entire Cart.
  • We're developing the Automatic DieHard Finder to help users to find the DieHard patch for their favor games automatically.
  • It is the first version of F2A Power Writer with supporting database.
  • F2APowerWriter [2.0] will use an embedded "winf2aXX.gba" data to write to the Flash Cart (The embedded data is exactly the same version with the "winf2aXX.gba" file coming with the released F2APowerWriter).
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