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Versione completa: Warlords DS Beta out!!
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Warlords DS Beta

Beatwho rilascia Warlords DS, il tale homebrew game e RTS. smile.gif
Ecco cosa dice l'autore del homebrew game:

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Beatwho wrote:
Hey, Ive been developing on and off a warlords game for the ds.

Its totally beta, you can move and take over castles and produce units and attack (no animations). the castle stats and production queues are totally random, and the castles are still named castle_1, castle_2 etc... so theres still a bit of work to go

What I was wondering was if anybody had, or could make, some replacement graphics, since atm it its just ripped from my original pc version of the game (like 15+ years old!)

If anybody is interested, please email the address at the website.

Basic Keys:
L - switch screen to use minimap
R - next unit
X - end turn
drag a unit to move it, or drag the stylus over the stack (right hand side) to split the stack

touch and drag a castle (production units appear on the left hand side) to produce the unit. Thanks.

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