Ecco 2 nuovi homebrew!!!!
Meteora: Tech Demo

X-Blaster rilascia un nuovo DS homebrew tech demo, Meteora.

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First release alpha, alpha, alpha. One should not expect much of it

One can notice that that starts has to row from 75 sprites (it is not terrible), but I do not have to optimize yet the test system of collisions.

The principle:

The planet has mana (unlimited for the moment) which one can expel of planet with L or R. the goal is to agglomerate the particles in order to make some of enough large to push back or destroy the meteorites (yes one can just push back them and turn over them against other meteorites).

The guiding principle of the plays is there but it remains:

The optimization of the collisions, I think of being able to go up has 130 sprites with collision detection. (the sprites of effects like the explosions not having management of collisions, I thus speak here only about sprites mana or meteorites)

* Improvement of the sprite of explosion (which is not terrible)
* The management of the sound
* Moreover while speaking about management of the sound... I do not manage to correctly play a “.mod” in bottom... I am lost a little with the ulib and Bi screen. It will be necessary that I choppe mollusk or brunni.

If you have ideas, improvements on the concept even of the play do not hesitate to put them in comments. (I rappele it is only one demonstration techno) you are far from imagining what there will be in the final version.


Ghaxaq rilascia un nuovo gioco ispirato al calcio(SOCCER GAME) , Goalie, è per DS!!!

Just wanted to post a game I recently commenced, to practise with PALib.

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The controls currently are:

A: Shoot;
Direction Pad(HOLD) + B: Pass;
X: Special;

The game is pretty function able although I couldn't get the game to go to the main menu after the game is finished.

EDIT: Yes it was my fault. Now I modified the code and re-uploaded the file again. Thanks for noticing.