La versione di questo emulatore di PC Engine / T16 per GBA stato aggiornato
questi sono i miglioramenti dalla versione 5.4 :

* Added speedhacks for A LOT of games.
* Optimized all the fransfer operands.
* Fixed the "one folder under the root" problem in Pogoshell.
* Fixed the TRB & TSB operands. "Parasol Stars" works.

* Also the little error on the start screen of "Bonk's Revenge (U)" is fixed.
This means that allmost all games start at least, the only ones I am aware of now that doesn't start are:
"Chase HQ (U)"
"Chikudenya Toubee (J)"
"Davis Cup Tennis (U)"
"Lode Runner - Ushina Wareta (J)"

:. Questo il link per scaricarlo