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Come da oggetto!!
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Ma ora un dubbio.... :42: Leggendosulle features di DS Organize

DSOrganize Features
I will try my best to document the features present in DSOrganize on this page.

Calendar/Day Planner

This mode allows you to schedule your daily life, and to add reminders to different days on your calendar. Although it is two different buttons on the main screen, they are completely integrated. The calendar aims to be a very simple yet informative way to display all your information, highlighting days in orange that have information tagged to them, and underlining in purple the days that have hourly schedules attached to them.

Address Book

The address book is provided as a simple way to carry your contacts with you at all times. Featuring vcard 2.1 support, and a built in editor, it should be very easy to export your entire collection from PC and keep it with you when you need it on the DS. A note of caution, DSOrganize does not currently write back information that it doesn't recognize, so don't keep your master files on your card!

Todo List

The todo list is a simple grocery-list styled application that allows you to sort simple tasks by importance and completion level. Nothing fancy in this mode!

Scribble Pad

Lets face it, pictoChat is just not enough to cure the artist's itch. Scribble is a msPaint styled doodle pad with support for saving to bitmap or png formats. Featuring several tools to enhance the quality of your stick figure drawings, such as color fill and replace, your art will be featured on your deviantArt page in no time! Note: DSOrganize does not promise that people will a) care or cool.gif actually enjoy your art. This requires already being able to draw.

File Browser

The file browser is an easy way to view the contents of your CF or SD card on a Nintendo DS. Featuring several recognized file formats and homebrew launching on SuperCard and GBAMP, it is a great replacement to the generic multiNDS launcher you were using before! Features everything you would expect from a semi-decent file browsing application, including hidden file support and file operations such as deleting or renaming.

Text/HTML/INI Viewer and Editor

The editor integrated into the File Browser on the DS allows you to edit any text, ini, or html file. Featuring full insert/overwrite and cursor support that you would expect from any halfassed windows/linux application, the text editor is the greatest way to spend half an hour pecking at a touch screen just to change ten lines in your essay. Both the html and the ini viewer support syntax highlighting, due to the small screen on the DS, to make it easier to see tags and headers. The text and html viewers both have bookmarking support, although the rendering capabilities of the html viewer are limited.


DSorganize has a picture viewer integrated into the file browser, supporting most smaller images. Note that rendering is done directly to memory, except in the case of large animated gifs, which are streamed on the fly, so your massive collection of anime catgirl renderings in 1600x1200 will most likely not be viewable. Also, some of the less popular jpg compression formats are not fully supported.


The sound player was probably the most requested feature of DSOrganize after the browser was added. Featuring single file, squential and random playback with a history, it leaves the iPod wishing it was so delicious and DRM free. Directories containing sound files are treated as playlists in random and sequential mode. All mp3, ogg and wav files are streamed from the card on demand, ensuring that any size file should work. Close the top to save batteries while listening on the go, and don't forget about the hold button to stop your pocket from choosing your music! To take advantage of the shoutcast support, just save the .pls file from your favorite stream to the DS. Currently it doesn't do well at higher bitrates due to sgstair's lib not supporting IP fragmenting. He is working hard to make this happen, so don't even think about bugging him unless you have something important to say!

WAV Recorder

Using the built-in microphone on your Nintendo DS, you can now record WAV files directly to your CF or SD card. Please note that the microphone quality is something just a few steps lower than microwaved ass, so don't expect production quality sound from this feature. To use this feature, simply browse to a WAV that you can overwrite, or create a new WAV file, and then press the Y key to open the recorder.

Scientific Calculator

A simple scientific calculator featuring a few useful functions for cheating on your next no-calculator test. "I swear, teacher, it's only my music player!" Features such useful things as 100,000 digit maximum numbers, and simple calculations such as LCD. Don't expect much though, this isn't your TI-86... (Although you CAN get DrugWars from me too!)

Online Homebrew Database

The homebrew database is the easiest way for lazy people like me to keep up to date on their homebrew. Features scripts for each download to ensure that all subdirectories and data files are downloaded properly. Please note that there are three separate databases for GBAMP, SuperCard and M3Perfect respectively, to allow for the proper executable format.

Integrated IRC

As if there weren't enough IRC clients out already! The DSOrganize IRC browser comes with built in support for most CTCP commands and full colors rendering, as well as tabs! You can even set up autoperform by adding the autoperform.txt file to your data directory. This almost beats going out and seeing your friends IRL, but not quite! Please note that you warezing bastards will have to wait, because DSOrganize cannot recieve DCC for now.

Multi-Language Support

Possibly one of the most useless and useful features at the same time! DSOrganize allows you to translate all of the interface, including the HTML help files, to your native language, assuming it uses the standard ascii character set for displaying (see the below diagram for supported characters). For HTML help files, simply make sure you create a directory in the help directory that is the same as your .lng file (without the extension of course), and put the html files there. Currently, DSOrganize has the following translations maintained by several dedicated members:

Breton translation maintained by Albert. (v1.7)
Catalan translation maintained by Eluryh. (v2.2 Final)
Dutch translation maintained by Mr Snowflake. (v2.25)
Finnish translation maintained by Sami Koivisto (Samtron-Translations). (v1.9 Final)
French translation maintained by Adrilo, The Black Frog and christophe. (v2.2 Final)
German translation maintained by Albert. (v2.2 Final)
Hungarian translation maintained by Chris Kiki. (v1.9 Final)
Italian translation maintained by MGARRINE and Lotti. (v2.25)
Portugese translation maintained by Dudu.exe. (v2.01)
Slovak translation maintained by d bennar. (v1.7)
Spanish translation (with help files) maintained by Tostadilla and moisesmcardona. (v2.2 Final)
Swedish translation maintained by Alexander. (v2.2 Preview 1)
Turkish translation maintained by Emrah Omuris. (v2.25)

Si legge che assomiglia allo stesso Moonshell in quando permette la visualizzaizone di foto , l0ascolto di MP3 oltre ad avere al funzione di PDA.
Significa che non può coesistere con il Moonshell? Devo togliere il Moonshell dal la mia MicroSD?
Niente affatto" Puoi usarli entramni, come faccio io.
procedo subito wink.gif
In effetti ha funzionato ma...solo la prima volta!!
Al successivo riavvio della consolle mi da una doppia schermata blu con una muchhetta sullo schermo suo che balla e con una nota che dice Please wait...initialing FAT Trying: Supercard SD
Che fo?
Ho ricaricato gli stessi file e...tutto è tornato a funzionare.
Una domada: sulla MicroSD va caricata anche la cartella DSOrganize che è uscita dallo zip o solo il file .nds???
Perchè e tentando di esplorarla che prima mi si è bloccato l'organizer wink.gif
Altra domanda: non mi permette di visualizzare le foto. vede il titolo,la dimesnione il formato ma mi da erroe quanto tento di aprirle.
hai fatto QUATTRO post di seguito!? usa la funzione EDIT, per cortesia... controlla che il formato delle immagini sia supportato.
Hai ragione ma ieri notte facevo progressi un po alla volta e stando vicino la PC li testimoniavo wink.gif
Per quanto attiene le immagini questo è scritto:


DSorganize has a picture viewer integrated into the file browser, supporting most smaller images. Note that rendering is done directly to memory, except in the case of large animated gifs, which are streamed on the fly, so your massive collection of anime catgirl renderings in 1600x1200 will most likely not be viewable. Also, some of the less popular jpg compression formats are not fully supported.

Le mie foto sono molto grandi ed anche jpg....mi sa che non sono cmpletamemte supprtate per più di un motivo
scusate ma non sono ancora riuscito a farlo funzionare su una supercard lite.
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