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E' stato rilasciato uno Snake per ds abbastanza evoluto a quanto pare dalle immagini e dalla descrizione

For the past few weeks I have been working on a game I call, Super Snake DS and it is now at a point where it's actually a game. ^^ Super Snake DS is yet another snake game, but with static and moving obsticals, mini games, and boss levels (Not implented in this pre-release version).

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to meet the requirements of the level for each sublevel before deing. If you die before you've met the level requirements, you lose a life or posibly get a Game Over. Also, there are 5 sub-levels to a level. Finally, after each level, you get to play a mini game to gain extra points and or lives.
This Version...
At the moment, there are only 7 levels ( which comes out to 35 sublevels), and once you beat level 7, you just end back up at level 1. Also, there is currently only one minigame (A nice Card Matching game), but in the future, there will be Triva minigames concerning the level just played and others which I haven't come up with yet. Also, I have a few ideas for Boss battles, but I haven't started implenting them yet.

Gameplay is pretty self explainable. In the final release, there will be a short in game tutorial smile.gif Also, as for the question of what is good and what is bad. Look for hints in the level Objectives Message on what you shouuld be tryign to eat and what you should avoid. Sometimes it's said directly, sometimes it's not :-P

Bugs, Suggestions, and Comments
My main reason for releasing this at this point in time is mainly to get comments and suggestions for the game while I sort of take a week off from working with the game. Any Mini-Game ideas, boss level ideas, gameplay ideas, suggestions, etc. are greatly appreciated. Also, there is a bug i'm trying to track down that I haven't been able to figure out that involves the game just suddenly freezing for no apparent reason. Even worse, this seems to happen almost never and I can't reproduce it. So, if the game freezes for you, please take note of the Debug Number in the top right corner of the screen, your score, level, and how many bodies you have. This information would be very usefull for me if you run accross this bug. Also, any other bug reports are appreciated as well. smile.gif

Also, i'm curiouse as to what scores people are able to get by level 7. In the future, there will be time bonuses at the end of each level. Also, i'd like to adjust how fast things should get more difficult to be more reasonable to the average player (i've been playing this game quite a's a tad ahrd for me to judge what's easy...).

Finally, i'd like to note that all the graphics and coding were done by me with a few exceptions. The Kun Kun level is a level derived from a background a friend of mine made by vector tracing (he's liste din the credits). All the other graphics (except for the pac man level and Blue Screen of death level, which are screenshots for the background) were made by me either from scratch or by looking at somethign else for ideas, then making it myself. The only real exception is the DS Girls level...which...i just had to do...i'm sorry to the original artist of that picture...i have no clue who you are and...i ahve a feeling whoever did it doesn't speak english. sad.gif As for the music, it is listed in the credits and is by variouse artists with their music licenced under the Creative Commons licesnse for non-comercial use. The current sound affects were all done with my voice....most of them are subject to be redone.

My First Project
I diden't want to mention this first, but this game is actually my first C Programing project and First Major Programing Project (other than a IRC bot I did in BASH shell amazing it actually works ...decently). I just started C at the beggining of June by reading "The C Programing Language 2nd eddition" (I did a little C before...but, i never got realy into it due to other projects) and I started this game as my practice project, which turned into a bigger project when I found out about the NeoFlash Compo. Anyways, I will release the source code after the compo..but, some of it is realy messy. Finaly, I wanted to say that PALib is more trouble than it's worth and i wish I diden't start off with it....this will problay be the only project I do with PAlib ;-)

What Works, What Doesn't
1. 7 levels with music.
2. The Classic Snake Mode (This was something I did AFTER the intial snake game by the wasn't what I started off with, if that's what you thought smile.gif ).
3. Card Flipping Mini Game.
4. Other Random Things...

To Come
1. High Score Saving
2. Posibly Game Saving (i'm debating on this...)
3. More Levels
4. Boss Levels
5. More Mini Games
6. And more?

Sorry for the long post sad.gif Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my pre-release of my game.


Currently, I have only tested it on the gba MP. However, it should work jsut fine with other devices.

I almost forgot. The way I have it set up now, there is a 105 body limit for the snake. If you by some chance get that many bodies, you should get a little dialog box that comes up and says you broke the limit. If you did, please tell me. I haven't been able to break it myself and I don't think it's very posible with the higher levels...but, you may have a chance with the first level. In the final eddition, there will be a nice Point Bonus if you break that. ;-)

I have absolutely no clue what's going on over at my host...this is the first problem i've had with them for the month's i've been with them :S Anyways, if the links arn't working above, use these links. However, word of warning, these files are hosted on my personal server at my's very very slow. Sorry sad.gif

Donwload NDS
[B]Donwload DS.GBA
Cloud the punisher
spettacolo yahoo.gif
forte adesso lo provo
Ora lo scarico e vedo com'! Scusate la domanda , come mai nel hb ci sono due file uno .nds e uno .gba ?
Non basta copiare nella memoria solo un tipo ?
Chiedo xk io ho sempre fatto cos , nn ho mai usato i .gba!
certo. solo uno.
ds.gba se hai una card ke fa andare questi file, nds se permette anke di far andare nds.

se puoi usa nds ke meglio
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