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Picross has been updated, another great game by the author of "A Touch of War" for the DS. This game is a Picross type game called Crosspics. A paint by numbers game, also known as Japanese puzzles or nonograms. Crosspics is true to the style of most logic puzzles. Cells in a grid have to be colored (or left blank) according to the numbers given at the side of the grid to "reveal a hidden picture". The numbers measure how many unbroken lines of filled-in squares there are in any given row or column. You can even make your own puzzles!

I've updated CrossPics with some new touchscreen code, it's now checking for two frames in a row that are near each other. While infinitely better for this type of game, it won't work well for games that nead fast pen motion with a lot of samples, like drawing circles quickly.

It's pretty simple, just pick a puzzle and hit start.
Use the d-pad or the sides of the screen to switch pens.
Once you solve the puzzle, the grid will vanish.
Hit select to go back to the menu.

To create your own puzzle, hit start when you're in the game.
Draw your puzzle.
Hit Start again, to go back into play mode.
Solve your puzzle.... if you can do it logically, post a title and the numbers in the forum and I'll add it to the game.

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