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Versione completa: Goomba Color (alpha 3) Out!
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Changes between alpha 2 and alpha 3 of Goomba Color:Code:

No longer shows colored solid tiles when the screen should be off
Fixed off-by-one scanline problems introduced in alpha 1.
Now you can specify whether you want to emulate a GB, GBC, or GBA
Added double speed mode, either timers only or complete
Fixed splash screen corrupting graphics
Go Multiboot feature for smaller GB roms (and a couple tiny GBC games too)
Major changes to SRAM save system
Added 32k saves, Enter the menu with L+R to save the game's sram
Stack writes to SRAM are now saved
Save files smaller in pogoshell
Some changes merged from Kuwanger's version
Palette changes apply immediatly

Known Issues:Code:

Savestates are broken, therefore DISABLED in this version.
Frames draw graphics from the future, sometimes looking glitchy
Some games do not properly show graphics
Timing may be off
No mid-frame palette changing, so programs that use the so-called
"hi-color" mode won't work.
Millionaire also looks incorrect.


Fix Savestates
Write VRAM and Tilemap at end of frame instead of during frame
Add options to disable or force drawing sprites or background
Add real HDMA
Fix the broken games
Add mid-screen palette changes
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e cmq ancora niente SAVESTATES...
ma Ŕ sempre un altro importante passo in avanti smile.gif
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