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> PacMan E v1.03

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Nome File PacMan E v1.03 di OniAle
Inviato Wednesday 25 August 2010 - 22:39
Ultimo Aggiornamento Friday 14 January 2011 - 19:17
Tipo File Tipo File (zip - application/zip)
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Dimensione File 1.92mb (Tempo di Download Stimato)
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Metatarsals rilascia una nuova versione di PacMan E, remake del famosissimo PacMan.

Parole dell'autore:
I started this game early summer 2010, blasted at it for a week or so then left it pretty much untouched for a few months, spent another week or so on it and then didn't come back to finish the last bits off until now, January 2011. It has been a great project to work on for programming, pixel art, game design, problem solving and more skills and through it I've come a long way in improving myself. If I were to recode I'm sure I could do a lot of things better now but I am ready to shelf it and move on to bigger projects.

The 'sound effects' I took from the original arcade game, copyright for them belongs to Namco.
The music in the game is a song called 'Exhale' by Mr.Lou of Dewfall Productions, found at the site http://indiegamemusic.com/, which is a fantastic resource.

I made my graphics using MSPaint and Photoshop when I needed more zoom. I've found DSGM a really useful tool for prototyping pixel art, especially animated works also.

It's not perfect, and I know about some rare and hard to produce bugs (why I had to avoid saving the high score) but without a rewrite they aren't feasible to correct at this stage. In any case I hope you enjoy playing, the making of it was a blast.

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PacMan E v0.92 alpha PacMan_E_v0.92alpha.zip Wed 25 August 2010- 22:39

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