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> Chinese Touch v1.5

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Nome File Chinese Touch v1.5 di OniAle
Inviato Wednesday 30 June 2010 - 10:44
Ultimo Aggiornamento Friday 29 April 2011 - 19:39
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Dimensione File 38.94mb (Tempo di Download Stimato)
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syslock ha rilasciato una nuova versione di Chinese Touch, tool che vi permetterą di apprendere il Mandarino.
Parole dell'autore:
Development was focused on aspects of usability, dictionary search and integration of character component data. Usability enhancements include a rubber tool and an additional calligraphy pen style for writing, a clock display in new words drill, word counters on the left and right buttons in word lists, better saving of program settings and several other tiny improvements. It is now possible to do reverse lookups on fields of your custom dictionary entries and to choose from several keyboard layouts, including Japanese Kana. Newly added images from the Wikimedia Commons Stroke Order Project have been integrated and I hope to add a settings menu soon, that allows to customize priority and optional fallbacks between PRC, traditional and Japanese writing styles. Finally character component data from the cjklib project have been integrated into Chinese Touch. It is not complete and might have some errors, but you now can lookup individual components of many characters and their meaning, which can be very helpful when memorizing complex characters. Please also have a look at the revised user manual, which includes examples on how to use some of the most important features.

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Nome Nome File Aggiornato Operazioni
Chinese Touch v1.4 chinese_touch_1.4.zip Fri 1 October 2010- 10:55
Chinese Touch v1.3 chinese_touch_1.3.zip Fri 1 October 2010- 10:18
Chinese Touch v1.3 chinese_touch_1.3.zip Wed 30 June 2010- 10:44

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