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> Boggle DS v1.0

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Nome File Boggle DS v1.0 di nexus81
Inviato Friday 11 September 2009 - 12:47
Ultimo Aggiornamento Friday 11 September 2009 - 12:47
Tipo File Tipo File (rar - application/x-rar-compressed)
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Dimensione File 967.22k (Tempo di Download Stimato)
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Downloads 20
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Porting per Ds dell'omonimo gioco di parole:
It has wifi multiplayer support by connecting to or hosting a server. This allows you to play against and to chat with other players.
The object is to create words by connecting the letters on the 4x4 board of dice. Letters must be adjacent to each other (can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and you may not use the same die twice for one word.
The minimum word length is 3 and you get 1 point for 3-4 letter words, 2 points for 5 letter words, 3 points for six letter words, 5 points for 7 letter words and 11 points for words longer than 7 letters.
To join a server, select the "Join Server" option and input the IP of the server you would like to join. The IP you input should be saved in SRAM and loaded the next time you start. The default IP is the IP of a server that I am currently running, although I do not know how long I will have it running for.
You can start a server on the DS by selecting the "Start Server" option. Port 8070 must be forwarded from your router to your DS to allow other users to connet.
You can also run a dedicated server on your PC by running the included BoggleDSServer.exe program. Port 8070 must be forwarded from your router to your PC to allow other users to connect.
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Boggle DS v1.0 BoggleDS_v1.rar Fri 11 September 2009- 12:47

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