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> TonesynthDS v0.23

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Nome File TonesynthDS v0.23 di OniAle
Inviato Friday 23 October 2009 - 10:54
Ultimo Aggiornamento Sunday 15 November 2009 - 02:26
Tipo File Tipo File (zip - application/zip)
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Hotelsinus rilascia una nuova versione di TonesynthDS, compositore di musica per NDS.

Parole dell'autore:
! Start playing a pattern will not skip the first accord and start immediately after the click.
! Position led flickering has been decreased.
! Pattern play pauseing is accurte when you play a test sound. (althoug maybe a little extra delay would be nice)
+ Low pass filter with resonance. Cut frequency starts from 16384Hz. At the right end of the 'cut' slider the lpf is turned off, so the resonanc will not work there. At the right end of the 'res' slider the original sample is pretty distorted. It is not a bug; it comes from the math. I have left it in. May be it will be good for something.
- Every calculation have fallen back to 32768Hz. I kept it in 44100 originaly because of the ndsi, but this was just too slow (and not just because more sample should be calculated). I think I will simply create an ndsi version later.
! A nice big optimalization (not just the base frequency decreasing). Now the sample generation is faster even with the lpf.
+ Selectible scales. (chromatic,ionian,dorian,phrygain,lydian,locrian) You have to regenerate the bank to hear the difference. In every scale the first note is C3. In the previous versions ionian was the default.

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TonesynthDS v0.21 HotelsinusSoundDesign_ToneSynthDS_v021testrelease.zip Fri 23 October 2009- 10:54

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